Why Mandiri?

At Mandiri we prepare our employees to become highly capable bankers and effective leaders, ready to perform, inspire and prosper the nation.

Working at Mandiri / Why Mandiri?
Life-Long Learning, Performing and Inspiring

Development Program

At Mandiri we believe in life-long learning and development of all our employees, so they can perform at their peak and as great leaders; inspire their teams. The development journey begins with Officer Development or Staff Development programs (ODP/SDP), followed by Branch and Business Managers Development, Middle Management Development (MDP), and General Management Development (GDP) programs. At Mandiri your life-long learning and development will be managed by Mandiri University, your line manager and requires your active participation and involvement.

Learning & Development Facilities

At Mandiri, we promote an active learning culture, where you will participate in deciding your learning and development path. Besides on the job, you can also learn at one of the 14 Mandiri University campuses and online on the 24 x 7 e-learning (i-learn) and knowledge sharing (i-share) platforms. In addition to class-based and e-Learning programs, you can also develop yourself by leveraging your coach and mentor who can assist you become more effective as a performer and leader.

Mandiri Scholarships

For you who are aiming to get an MBA degree in the top 25 world class universities, you may want to get into Mandiri Scholarship Program. If you pass our selection process, first, you will be able to get a month preparation facilities from Mandiri to focus on your GMAT and prepare your application. Moreover, it is fully covered by Mandiri including the test expenses. Second, you will receive a full coverage scholarships for your tuition fee and living cost which covers you and your family during your study. Third, upon your graduation, you will be relocate to business units which fits your career plan and you will be mentored directly by appointed board of directors.

Work & Life Balance

At Mandiri, we have established 25 social, sports and hobby interest groups called Mandiri Clubs. The aim of Mandiri Clubs is to supplement our work with fun activities so all Mandirians become well rounded individuals, rich in both work and life/fun experiences.

Involving in Community Development

At Mandiri, we believe that it is not enough to just do well, hence we actively involve ourselves in doing good through various nationwide social responsible initiatives focused on developing our communities. As Mandirians you can participate in our nationally recognized community development programs such as Wirausaha Muda Mandiri, focuses on entrepreneurship and small business development and Mandiri bersama Mandiri, a program which enforce local economic community. At Mandiri, we expect Mandirians to not only do well but also do good.

Celebrating High Performance

At Mandiri, we celebrate our high performers who live our values, through our annual Mandiri Excellence Awards. We are proud of our high performers not only because of their contributions but also their constant strive to become excellent role model of our values. Awards are bestowed to individuals and teams during a prestigious event attended by the entire senior executives of the Mandiri Group.

Innovating at Mandiri

At Mandiri, we encourage innovation in technology, process, product, at the workplace, to accelerate business growth and to improve our customer experience and business performance. Mandiri Innovation Awards is our annual prestigious innovation awards which is judged by leading national and international innovation juries. This event brings forward over 1,400 innovations and innovative ideas that produces significant business improvement opportunities for Mandiri. We are proud of our innovators!

Mandiri for Working Mums

To support new mothers, Mandiri has built, nursing rooms and day care facilities. Our upcoming new daycare facility will be a sprawling 300 square meters, 50 children facility managed professionally by a reputable daycare services provider.

Reward and Benefits at Mandiri

At Mandiri, we know that it takes a lot more to engage employees productively than just rewards and benefits. We understand employees seek opportunity to do good work, career advancement, learning and development opportunities, a great working environment, and inspiring line managers. At Mandiri, we strive to provide all the above along with competitive rewards and benefits which we benchmark annually.